Bioextracto® was born in 1987 in response to the growing demand of natural extracts in the world, product of man's new approach to nature in the search of a renewed relationship with the environment. With this approach to nature and to a healthier and lees artificial lifestyle, what better place to begin than Mexico, whose biodiversity has been considered among the top 10 richest and most diverse on the planet.

The use of plants with therapeutic and cosmetic purposes dates from the beginning of mankind. In Mexico, the traditional use of plants dates back to pre-Columbian times and it’s registered in the famous De La Cruz-Badiano Codex, which points to the greatness of the Aztec's knowledge in botany and traditional medicine, and the many benefits of the plants and herbs in daily life.

With this concept in mind, Bioextracto® is oriented to the rational use of the vast resources of nature through scientific research, and has worked through the years combining a careful selection of herbal and fruit specimens for the extraction of active compounds, using the most advanced technological methods and techniques in quality control.

This combination has resulted in the growth and progress of the company. Bioextracto® is a recognized company in the national and international market of natural extracts, with a product development capability that is exploited every day by more and more clients.

The year 2014 marks an important date in the development of Bioextracto´s infraestructure with the expansion of its pharma division and the construction of a state of the art pharmaceutical facilty. With this new operation in the development of natural products, Bioextracto® consolidates its analytical services and expands its range of products to bioengineering and the production of peptides and proteins as the base for novel therapeutic options in the fields of cardiovascular disease and infection control. This has been achieved with close association to scientists at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and its sister company, Hamol Biosolutions LLC, located in the city of San Diego, CA. USA.