Extractos estandarizados

Formulation Services

  • Phytopreparations.

  • Cosmetic preparations.

  • Liposomal preparations.

Bioextracto® brings years of experience in the development of our products, subject to strict quality controls and standards in compliance to a safety and quality management system based on ISO 22000.



Microencapsulation is one of the most used technologies for the preparation of functional ingredients, it allows the conservation and stability of active substances to maintain intact its properties.

Bioextracto® offer's the service of microencapsulation of natural active compounds.

Asesoría en nuevos productos
New Product Development
Consulting Services

Bioextracto® offers consulting services and technical support for the development of new products, meeting quality and safety guidelines relating to cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Our technical advisory service includes the design of innovative products, definition of technical specifications, methods of manufacture, pilot plant testing and process monitoring.



Bioextracto® has the infrastructure and the technology platform necessary to offer development services, standardization of molecule and large scale production of analytical products.

We stand behind the quality of our products with advanced technology and updated methodologies ensuring batch to batch reproducibility. Our R&D and Quality Assurance departments are composed of chemists and biologists specializing in natural compounds, which have established methodologies and standards for the development of all our products.

From the selection and identification of raw materials to the final product, we evaluate and continually update our processes and analytical techniques of control to ensure compliance with the requirements of our clients, the current regulations and new market requirements.

Besides the quality of our processes and products, the quality of our services has been a key success factor for the company so that we can offer the following advantages:



Competitive prices, management system in real time, Timely delivery


Personalized attention from customers, Specialized technical support, Custom product development, Free product samples


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