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Natural extracts with

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of natural extracts

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Bioextracto, as a World Leader in the research and production of Natural Extracts in the Cosmetic Sector, for years has focused its interest on the natural-focused consumer. The design, research, production, and marketing of its products in all Personal Care segments, coupled with the capacity for technological development in the areas of Bio and Nano-technology, has consolidated Bioextracto as the perfect choice for our clients in the development of novel formulations.
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Through a series of important Strategic Alliances with the pharmaceutical industry both in our country and in the US, Bioextracto has managed to position and consolidate an interesting technological platform using Bio and Nano-technological tools in the design and production of an original range of Principles Actives obtained from our natural extracts and genetically modified bacterial cultures. Within this collaboration, Bioextracto has ventured into the design and consolidation of new concepts in the treatment of cardiovascular disease and sepsis.
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In order to optimize the Design and Development of Food and Beverage Products, Bioextracto offers a natural solution, optimizing its value with the application of a new biotechnological platform in its production of nano-encapsulates, and therefore creating a high potential effectiveness of natural actives in these industries.




-Phytopreparations -Cosmetic preparations. -Liposomal preparations. Bioextracto® brings years of experience in the development of our products, subject to strict quality controls and standards in compliance to a safety and quality management system based on ISO 22000.

Standardization of botanical extracts

At Bioextracto® we know the demand of consumers to receive effective natural products, for that reason and thanks to our experience in the production of standardized extracts, we put at your disposal our service of standardization of botanical extracts.


Bioextracto® offers consulting services and technical support for the development of new products, meeting quality and safety guidelines relating to cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries. Our technical advisory service includes the design of innovative products, definition of technical specifications, methods of manufacture, pilot plant testing and process monitoring


Microencapsulation is one of the most used technologies for the preparation of functional ingredients, it allows the conservation and stability of active substances to maintain intact its properties. Bioextracto® offer's the service of microencapsulation of natural active compounds.


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International quality standards
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Linkages with leading technological institutions and centers of research of the country.
Statistical process control
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An aztec legacy to modern medicine

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Nanotechnology at Bioextracto

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Nano-Cosmetics at Bioextracto

The global market has been going through periods of great scientific and technological competitions, mainly after nanoscience and nanotechnology have been recognized as a key trend in


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